ata advisory is one of the leading independent technical advisory services in renewables. Our track record in is difficult to beat. Even large engineering and advisory groups haven´t had exposure to the number of renewable projects and variety we have.

We have been involved as independent technical advisors in more than 21GW and €36bn of non-resource project finance. Our clients include more than 300 of the top financial institutions, developers, first-line equipment manufacturers and equity investors all over the world. We´ve also inspected more than 150 equipment manufacturing facilities.

Given our long record of accomplishments, ata can supply high quality technical analysis of renewable projects to any client, throughout the life cycle of the project.

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Your independent advisory on-demand

We are flexible in helping you with any technical advisory you need, however, we specialize in technical due diligences (TDD), a key risk management and mitigation tool, Acquisition, Finance, Refinance and we also advise the secondary market for M&A for financial institutions.

At the development stage we can help you from the time the project is just an idea… from feasibility studies, (including resource assessment, micro-siting, energy yield analysis, etc), natural resource assessment to licencing and permitting, we can help you.

At the financing stage we have done hundreds of technical due diligence (TDD) projects, so we know exactly what it takes to mitigate technical risk. From natural resource and energy production estimations evaluation of the environmental aspects, evaluation of  permits, licenses and authorizations or review of the contractual technical aspects (EPC, O&M and PPA contracts). Additionally, we execute product due diligence (PDD) of the main equipment installed in the projects in order to evaluate its feasibility and identify the main technical risks.

During construction, we provide tailored site inspections, which could include operating, grid connection or project technical assessment. We also offer monitoring services during construction, provisional acceptance and final acceptance.

Once the project is fully operational we can help you with asset performance follow up, from yearly site visits, performance ratio and incidents analysis, re-finance TDDs and any other specific technical issues with equipment and processes that might arise

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Strategic advisory for public institutions, multilaterals and governments

Projects that require long term follow-up for many months or years are handled by a specialist team whose core strength is to keep historical consistency in the project. Among others, ata is acting as technical advisor for big projects backed by World Bank, European Investment Bank, African Development Bank, Inter-American Development Bank in various projects through the world.

Our services are highly tailored and targeted to your project needs. However, we do have some staple services that provide the basis of our strategic projects: feasibility studies, owner’s engineering, market assessment, procurement services for bidding process, construction supervision, support for preparation of bids for international tenders, contract negotiation, etc.

We work hand in hand with you, providing you confidence by following your project over time and adapting to it as it evolves.

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