We are not exaggerating when we say we are the best and most specialized grid code certification entity in the world.

We are an independent certification entity accredited by ENAC for power generating units. Whether you are a manufacturer, an EPC, a developer or plant sponsor, or a government institution, we have the right certification service for you.  You can download here a full list of all the  certifications we provide

We specialise on Low voltage ride through and the rest of the requirements for grid connection. Our scope of grid integration international accreditations is larger and more comprehensive than any other company. We can provide certification for more than 40 countries; including the likes of Philippines, Thailand, Panama, Peru, Chile, Jordan and many more.

Commonly we work with three different types of clients:

  • Equipment manufacturers: we certify any type of generation units (such as inverters, wind turbines, PV modules and pretty much anything that produces energy)
  • Plant owners, EPCs and developers: we certify power generation systems (sometimes referred as plants, from any technology)
  • Governmental institutions, grid operators and utilities to set up grid connection codes and ensuring IPPs comply with them to maintain grids stable

We are the only certification entity you need

The biggest reason why you should work with us is that, unlike most of the larger international accreditation bodies, we only use international accreditations.

We believe that internationally recognized accreditations are a better deal for your time and money than the ‘internal’ – or own – certifications that the larger companies usually supply you with.

International certifications eliminate bias when comparing your product to others with other internal certifications from different providers by allowing your clients to compare apples to apples. It is also a guarantee of compliance for both regulatory bodies and your clients.

Download here a full list of all the  certifications we provide

Leaders, not followers

Renewable Energy is a new industry, is still standardizing. The great thing about working with us in your certifications is that we have been there from the beginning and therefore we have insider´s know-how.

We have been – and still are – involved in actually writing the test methodology and requirements applicable to the products we certify. Sometimes we are the international convenors of these standards and regulations.

Furthermore, when new standards appear, we are always among the first to obtain accreditation.

For example, we´ve become the first to be accredited in February´16 for self-consumption in Spain. Also, we´ve been the conveyors for the IECRE, an international standard for renewable energy. IECRE is a new certification scheme for renewable energy.

Our team has first-hand experience as it has participated in the testing and certification of more than 1500MW of PV installations, 400MW of wind installations, 200MW of testing and certification projects for PV inverters and 200MW of wind turbine projects over the last ten years

Our biggest strength is definitely our people. We are a small but mighty company. We can take many projects concurrently. We are competent, professional and approachable. Most importantly we put our clients first and we take deadlines seriously.  Our philosophy is to under-promise and over-deliver.

Download here further information on cere and its services