ata renewables organized this July, in cooperation with the Clean Energy Business Council organized a webinar on

Concentrated Solar Power (CSP) Technology Focus on MENA

To see the CSP Markets Presentation from Belén Gallego of ata
To see the CSP Tower Technology with Molten Salt Presentation from Philip Hale of SolarReserve
To see the video of the recordings of the webinar
ata CSP Tower MENA July 16-9

The webinar goes into detail on:

• How a CSP tower with molten salt technology works and what are its main pros and cons compared to other solar and CSP technologies
• CSP´s dispatchability capacity and the potential of CSP technology to provide flexibility to the grid
• Who is who in CSP tower technology, and what is the technological track record and challenges to overcome
• How CSP tower technology is in the best position to drastically reduce LCOE costs over time and how the increasing competitiveness will be achieved

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Belén Gallego
Business Development Manager
Tel: +34 686 389 472