ata insights: We are an independent market intelligence consultancy producing analysis to support our clients’ strategic decision making. Our understanding of the renewable energy market enables us to find the information you need and communicate it effectively to help you achieve your objectives. Our services include:

  • Tailored market intelligence studies to support market entry, product development and other business critical decisions
  • Strategic marketing campaigns, from design to implementation, to help you raise awareness of your products and generate new leads
  • Networking and match-making through events and one-to-one meetings to help you connect with investors and decision makers
  • Knowledge dissemination campaigns to raise awareness of new initiatives or projects

The ata insights team is led by Belen Gallego, formerly Founder and CEO of CSP Today and PV Insider and current partner at ATA Insights. Belen has more than 10 years’ experience in renewable energy events. During her career, she has planned, executed and marketed more than 100 events.

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For more information please contact:

Belén Gallego
Business Development Manager
Tel: +34 686 389 472

Latest articles

  • 1st Mexican Electricity Auction is the beginning of a new RE chapter worldwide Subasta MEX

    1st Mexican Electricity Auction is the beginning of a new RE chapter worldwide   Ata renewable has been operating in Mexico for several years, working relentlessly on renewable projects and betting on the long term future of the market. Which is why the 29thof March we were all holding our breath in the office waiting for the renewable energy auction results. Due to a little mishap the permanent results were actually re-released on March 30th   Figure this: early morning in the office with popcorn, lime and some chilito, watching as the renewable energy auction unfolded. We weren´t alone. Renewable […]

  • DEWA CSP PPA will be below US$8 cents DEWA CSP PPA

    If you are familiar with the CSP technology and you didn’t read the DEWA announcement lately you would think I am going nuts. We´ve been talking for a while about a possible single digit PPA for CSP sometime in the near future – so long as we don´t need to deal with it right now. However, putting out there a clear 8 cents objective changes the game.