Our Mission

Energy underpins all economic development and enhanced energy provision has been strongly correlated with universal improvements in quality of life. On the flip side, with energy consumption comes the burning of fossil fuels and associated greenhouse gas emissions that have brought about climate change, negatively impacting our environment and ultimately threatening our existence.

In ata we believe that the energy of the future is renewable.

That is why we have dedicated all our efforts to working with key players throughout the renewable energy supply chain to accelerate the development of renewables and turn it them into a reality.


About us

Our experience spans 11 years of dedication to renewable energy and our track record includes participation in more than 71GW worth of projects in over 30 countries. Our transactions comprise more than €36bn in non-recourse financial transactions.

We are passionate about renewable energy. We know that our track record speaks for itself when working hand in hand with our clients. But we are different from our competitors in that, for us, attitude is just as important. We thrive when we are up-close and personal with renewable energy projects, and we want to see them succeed! Therefore, we work as an extension of your team, helping you hit your objectives, as independent guardians of your best interests.


Our Team

Our people are our top asset because they make our company great. We cherry-pick the most seasoned industry experts, highly qualified, motivated, technically specialized… but mainly forward thinking professionals who value and understand your concerns and can help you achieve your targets. They have all gained experience working in different renewable companies across the value chain, and even other industries.

Here are some of our key leaders who you can contact directly:

  • Pablo Valera (ata Group – Founder and CEO)
  • Oscar Pereles (ata Group – Partner and COO of ATA’s Group)
  • Belén Gallego (ata Insight – CEO)
  • Álvaro Payán (ata renewables and ata insight – General Manager)
  • Ángel Cabello (ata renewables – BD Manager Spain, Portugal and Australia)
  • Patricia Tatto (ata renewables – BD Manager America)
  • Andrea Ferrato (ata renewables – BD Manager Italy and rest of Europe)
  • Antonio Martin (ata renewables – BD Manager MENA and Africa)