ATA Storage


ATA Storage is the specialized storage division of ATA Renewables.

Under the ATA Storage’s brand, ATA Renewables intends to consolidate its current leading position as reference advisor for energy storage projects.

The team is composed by top technology and market experts on energy storage projects. We have developed our own tools to optimize dimensioning of generation plants with storage according to different approaches:

  • Grid integration (o stability) : PSSE, Digsilent, etc.
  • Technical and financial optimization: In-house tools development to maximize revenues and LCOE/LCOS optimization

We are technology agnostic, and we are prepared to advice you on any technology project Our know-how includes any subsystem under a storage project:sizing.

ATA storage is your 360º advisor for storage. The following chart summarizes some of the main services we can provide for the different project stages:

Green Hydrogen

ATA Storage division is also responsible for green hydrogen projects within ATA Renewables. We can make extensive any service to your green hydrogen projects. Our team is composed by top professionals with many years of experience in this technology.

Sergio Saenz
Head of ATA Storage