About us


ATA Renewables belongs to ata, which is a lean, independent renewable energy group with more than 224 GW+ of expertise in projects worldwide. We provide services for the renewable energy industry, particularly solar and wind, through our two companies: ata renewables and ata insights. We operate internationally from our offices in Spain, Mexico, Colombia, Chile, Italy & Australia.

The group was created in 2005 and is led by Pablo Valera and Oscar Pereles, proven professionals with a combined 40+ years’ experience in renewables. They also rely on the experience of top professionals playing management positions like Álvaro Payán (General Manager ata), Belén Gallego  (CEO ATA Insight), Ángel Cabello (BD Development Manager) or Patricia Tatto (VP America).

Our identity marks are focused on three main concepts:

  • Renewable Energy
  • Independancy
  • Top Excellency