Whistleblower Channel

The scope of this channel encompasses reports related to any wrongdoing or illegality, including matters concerning accounting, auditing, or legal breaches.

You can report the complaint anonymously to the following address:

Astrom Technical Advisors S.L

Internal Audit / Compliance

C/ Serrano 8, 3rd left

28001- Madrid



Or through our anonymous online whistleblower channel at the following link: https://atarenewables.trusty.report/

You can also report your complaint via email to rrhh@ata.email Internal Audit / Compliance or through this website. It is advisable to provide your contact information to facilitate any type of follow-up, clarification, or assistance during potential investigations, but the complaint can also be made anonymously.

Astrom Technical Advisors S.L ensures that the computer tools used in managing the complaint will at all times protect the confidentiality and anonymity, if any, of the complainant.

All information provided is voluntary; we recommend that you try to be as specific as possible regarding names and data of business groups, companies, departments, divisions, individuals, documents, processes, etc. Likewise, try to remember places, dates, times, amounts, people involved, and events.

Reportable behaviors through the Whistleblower Channel, without prejudice to further actions or complaints that may be carried out judicially and/or extrajudicially, include:

  • Bribery
  • Trafficking of influence
  • Discovery and disclosure of trade secrets
  • Business corruption
  • Corruption in international transactions
  • Fraud
  • Misleading advertising
  • Subsidy fraud
  • Tax fraud
  • Social Security fraud
  • Non-compliance and falsification of accounting obligations
  • Crimes against natural resources and the environment
  • Frustration of execution
  • Punishable insolvencies
  • Crimes against Intellectual Property
  • Crimes against Industrial Property
  • Computer damage
  • Counterfeiting of currency and stamped effects
  • Crimes against personal and family privacy
  • Against the rights of foreign citizens
  • Money laundering
  • Financing of terrorism
  • Crime against public health
  • Against workers’ rights
  • Stock market crime
  • Manipulation of toxic, corrosive, and other substances
  • Refusal of inspection activity
  • Illegal financing of political parties
  • Fraudulent billing
  • Price fixing