ATA Renewable´s engineering department undertakes any engineering task that may be needed for a renewable project.

Having participated in the engineering and owner’s engineering activities for more than 64GW in the last decade, our team understands  and can apply the most recent best practices in design for renewable projects. We will  optimize your project to achieve the most competitive and reliable solution. We can also assure a proper project execution by allocating supervision experts on-site during construction and commissioning.

Our scope covers the generation facility and also the evacuation lines and grid connection infrastructure.

Basic and detailed engineering

Engineering for renewable energy projects is not standard and require specific tailoring for an optimized result. An optimized project engineering is essential to maximize your returns but also to minimize risks.

Project engineering shall be performed case by case and needs to be adapted for each specific project. You shall take  into account technical constrains, land conditions and other contour conditions like applicable regulation or financial figures.

If you are developing a project and you are seeking a specialized team to optimize the engineering for maximum project returns (LCOE/IRR), ATA’s Engineering Department will help you achieve your goal.

The level of detail and optimization can be adapted to your need and your project status of development. We can  just carry out a technology comparison or we can provide a detailed optimized project design including BoQ, Yield Assessment and project economics estimations.

Out team have performed the design optimization for multiple projects worldwide including some of them that obtained record low LCOEs. We have also worked for governments and utilities organizing IPP tenders. Our scope can also include the making of engineering package for permitting.

Detailed engineering for construction

Basic and detailed engineering scopes can be extended to engineering for construction when you move forward with your project.  We would help you with the engineering of the generation facility as well as  evacuation lines and interconnection infrastructure.

If you are an EPC seeking to externalize engineering services, ATA Renewables can be your engineering firm. We can act as an extension of your team.

Owner’s Engineering

Owner’s Engineering (OE)  is a figure typically engaged by an IPP that wants to rely on a top experienced engineering firm to take lead on a project execution. OE shall assure,-that the project is properly designed, constructed and commissioned.

The scope usually includes a detailed engineering review, construction and commissioning as well as FAT supervision. These tasks can be complemented with project management activities. Sometimes  the OE can join a project in a precedent phase, prior to EPC selection, providing consultancy services for the EPC tender and contract negotiation.

At ATA Renewables we have experience in all these services. We have participated on some of the most representative projects worldwide as well as some of the most important IPPs in renewable within our clients.

We have developed our own tools both for design review and construction supervision, like progress curves templates, risks matrix, control graphics, etc.

Here is a list of some of the tasks we carry out during construction: Monitor the progress of the work with respect to the initial plan and successive versions approved by the various involved parties. This point includes a review of possible recovery and contingency plans proposed due to potential delays

  • Demonstrate the progress on Site capturing images / short videos at regular intervals of the critical components and taking simple video recordings of the installation of the main equipment (foundations, structure, PV panel installation, interconnection etc) at different stages of the construction period will help to analyze practices on site
  • Attending the supervision meetings that the client may consider appropriate
  • Assess and advise you of any potential extension of times and variation claims by the EPC Contractor; advise on appropriateness of any extension of time claims and awards
  • Review and evaluate from a technical point of view possible changes proposed with respect to the initial project: significant changes introduced and potential impact on the planning, price or future performance of the installation
  • Control the quality of the construction works and equipment installation by checking if they are in line with market standards and with the construction project
  • Overall supervision of any relevant issues that may appear during the mechanical assembly phase and that may have a negative impact on the project.

Construction management and EPC management services

In addition to construction supervision activities that can be performed for an IPP under the owner engineering role, ATA Renewables can also perform construction monitoring services for EPC Contractors or for an IPP putting in place an EPCM scheme.

While construction supervision´s main goal is to monitor and supervise the construction that an EPC is performing, under the construction management service scope ATA Renewables would manage by itself the different construction works carried out by subcontractors.

We can allocate construction managers at your projects to perform these services during project construction and commissioning.

You could also extend our service scope to a full EPC management services (EPCM) including also management for engineering and procurement tasks.

Antonio Martin
Head of Technical Engineering Department


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