ATA is one of the leading independent technical advisory firms in renewables projects. The track-record of our advisory department is hard to beat.

We can provide any technical support that may be needed in a renewable project from development stage until operation.

We have been involved as independent technical advisors in more than 90.6GW (out of our 224 GW total track-record in renewables) and €50bn of non-resource project finance. Our clients include more than 500 of the top financial institutions, developers, first-line equipment manufacturers and equity investors all over the world. We´ve also inspected more than 150 equipment manufacturing facilities.

We can work in any country and our current background already covers more than 50 countries.

Technical Due Diligence and Feasibility Studies

The technical due diligence (TDD) is our advisory department’s star service.  

The TDD aims at performing an integral project risk assessment for any acquisition, finance or refinance either for debt or equity, together with identification and recommendations on mitigation measures.

Our Advisory Department has performed hundreds of TDD for renewable projects. Our team is perfectly aware of the key risks that can exists and how to mitigate them. The scope typically includes natural resource (solar, wind, etc.) and energy production estimations; evaluation of the environmental aspects; evaluation of permits; technical assessment of licenses and authorizations; asset lifetime evaluation; and, review of the contractual technical aspects (EPC, O&M and PPA contracts). The scope can be adapted ad-hoc for each specific project.

When participating on M&A transactions, the scope of the TDD is similar although it is typically adapted to the current project status. As such, a TDD for a greenfield project shall include different chapters than a TDD for a project under operation.

In some cases, the TDD can be complemented with a product due diligence (PDD) which has a similar target in essence (assessing technical risks), but it is focused on a particular equipment to be installed in a specific project. The PDD is typically requested to assess technical risk for the specific proposed equipment (PV module, inverter, wind turbine, etc.). PDD is typically requested for financing (for a particular project) but can also be requested under a different context. For instance, for an IPP which is evaluating different equipment suppliers and requires an assessment on this equipment.

With similitudes with the TDD, a feasibility study is typically requested at an earlier stage of project development in order to assess its technical and economic viability. The scope is totally customized to each project and client’s needs and although it can share content and  scope with a TDD, the main difference is related to the fact that there is a project to optimize and to define, while in the TDD, the evaluation is typically for an already defined project.

Technical Support for Tenders and Auctions

Having participated in 100+ renewable tenders and auctions worldwide, our advisory team can support you either if you are considering participating in a tender or if you are actually organizing it.

We can adapt to your role and required scope:

  • Supporting you if you are a tender participant/bidder
    • IPP company which is tendering for a IPP tender or auction
    • EPC company that is tendering for an EPC tender
  • Supporting you if you desire to organize a tender/bid
    • Running an EPC tender to select an EPC Contractor
    • Running an IPP tender to select an IPP

The specific scope for each of these scenarios can be customized according to each client needs and context. Client can  vary from government institutions, multilaterals and utilities to private EPCs and IPPs.

ATA has been present in all most relevant international renewable bids and auctions during last decade and we leverage our experience to provide top quality services.

Albedo TMY Estimations

Several solar irradiation databases which are widely used in the PV industry provide albedo TMY estimations. However, these estimations lack the level of accuracy required for assessing the energy yield of bifacial PV projects.

In order to fill this gap, ATA Renewables has developed a proprietary methodology to calculate monthly albedo TMY levels. This methodology consists of measuring on-site albedo levels for a short period of time, ranging from one to seven days, and then combining these results with satellite albedo readings, provided by a database, to estimate monthly albedo values for a typical meteorological year (TMY).

Our team is pioneer in Albedo TMY estimations and we have already characterized albedo for more than 150 sites worldwide. Please refer to our recent publications to know more about this service (ATA Renewables Methodology for Estimating Albedo | ATA Insights)

Contract Negotiation

EPC Contracts, O&M Contracts, PPA, Transmission Agreements, main equipment supply agreements…

Our team can support you with contract drafting and negotiations on technical issues. We are experts on market standards and we  have the technical knowledge to help you minimize technical risks.


 Independent technical advisors 

50 bn 

Project finance 


 Top financial institutions



Other technical advisory services

We have strong background and experience in other technical services like:

  • Independent advisory for arbitration.
  • Strategic advisory for renewable business.
  • R&D Projects, optimization of plants performance.
  • Evaluation of reposition costs for insurance.
  • Technical assets management.

Contact us so that our team can prepare a proposal adapted to your needs for these or any other services you require.

Bárbara Tortuero
Head of Technical Advisory Department


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